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Missed Motherhood, Loss & Choice
Honoring Our Wholeness

A Weekend Workshop
led by​ Kani Comstock & Barbara Comstock​​

After many years of working with people in intense personal growth environments , we know that many woman of all ages have unresolved issues about the:

         •  inability to have children they want

         •  end of a pregnancy, wanted or not

         •  placing of a child for adoption

         •  choice not to have children

         •  missed opportunity to conceive 

and we have written about it in our book, Honoring Missed Motherhood: Loss, Choice and Creativity. Whether this happened years ago or recently, acknowledging the often deeply buried feelings and taking direct and focused action results in surprising and meaningful emotional healing and an increased sense of wholeness.

Women are amazed to discover the energy that is bound up in these issues and to realize how their creativity is limited, or stalled, as a result. This is often true even in women who think that they have dealt with the issues and put them behind them.

We created this workshop to bring awareness and healing to women touched by these fundamental feminine issues. In addition to working with other women, both of the facilitators have experienced these challenges in their own lives.

The workshop creates a safe, supportive space to join together with other women to:

         •  explore and acknowledge the impact your experiences have had on your life,

         •  express and honor your feelings, and

         •  be witnesses for each other.

The resulting release of blocked energy enables you more wholeheartedly and actively to claim your creative capacity, your vitality and excitement about your life.

The weekend includes presentations, discussions, journaling, guided imagery, and ritual. It takes place in a gracious and comfortable environment. The workshop begins Saturday morning and finishes Sunday afternoon.

Through their wise and gifted teaching I have experienced profound change. They've been the lighthouse and the solid rock foundation I needed on my journey through stormy waters. The best!                                                                                         ~ Ginger, Cape Cod MA​

After losing several unborn children, I never thought I'd find a way through. Thankfully I was blessed with these two gifted people. Their exceptional facilitation skills and genuine compassion create a unique healing environment where I found peace, and was able to move forward with strength and grace.                                         ~ Linda, Santa Barbara CA​

Passion for life and fearless commitment to truth make Barbara and Kani gifted teachers. Their deep connection to spirit brings forth overflowing love and energy.
                                                                                                  ~ Lenora, Berkeley CA​

I found what I had been seeking—teachers with brilliance, intuition, depth, honesty, and humanity who offer the personal and professional guidance I require and the level of virtuosity I demand after 25 years as a therapist and coach. I know I have only begun to mine the jewels from the breadth of these two amazing women.                ~ Sharon, Great Barrington MA​

True inspiration and motivation happens in their presence. I have been deeply touched by their skillful guidance, wisdom, and intuition.                               ~ Mary, Santa Cruz CA​


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