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Journey Into Love​: Ten Steps to Wholeness​

​Kani Comstock and Marisa Thame


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The Ten Steps to Wholeness

Often our natural vitality and expansiveness are blocked by patterns of which we are not even fully aware. This book shows how to identify these unconscious and automatic patterns and take practical steps to stop them from constraining our lives. In this adventure, the authors bring lessons from work with thousands of people in different cultures, revealing how to disconnect from the patterns and uncover our own power, wisdom and voice.

The "journey into love" has ten distinct challenges, ten steps which must be accomplished in sequence. Success at addressing each challenge opens the gateway to the next. This book identified the ten steps, locates the gates along the path, explains why each step is necessary, and describes what we can experience as we accomplish them one by one.

This is a powerful spiritual journey to wholeness and love which culminates in integration.
It brings authenticity. It connects us to our inner wisdom, frees our creativity, and opens us to possibilities we had no idea existed.

Kani and Marisa have worked with thousands of people at the deepest levels of soul, and are masterful at catalyzing life-changing transformations. Journey into Love is a guidebook for your own hero's journey.                       ~ Raz Ingrasci, President of the Hoffman Institute​

Read this book and do the work. It  will change the course of your life and open you to possibilities you are delighted to discover.  There is nothing that I know of that is more effective in increasing your clarity, creativity and productivity. I've experienced the impact in myself and in many others.                                                               ~  David Bork, author of Family Business, Risky Business

In one sentence "our intellects can understand the facts, but it can't heal the pain" —
the authors unravel the whole knot which blocks the sexuality of so many couples.

                                              ~ Margo Anand, author of  The Art of Sexual Ecstasy and
                                                 The Art of Everyday Ecstasy


Clear, simple, yet profound knowledge and practical tools to free your heart and spirit--a gift of love to anyone on a healing path.    

                                               ~ Harold Bloomfield, M.D., author of Surviving Loss: Overcome

                                                  Hurt and Heartbreak and Love Secrets for a Lasting Relationship

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