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The Not Mom

The NotMom embraces all women without children, including their diverse lifestories about “how” and “why,”and encourages each woman to see herself and define herself in her own way. Founded by Karen Malone Wright, who had the vision to create the first conference for woman without children in 2015 and the 2nd Not Mom Summit October 2017 in Ohio.


Gateway Woman (UK)

Founded by Jody Day, the organization is passionate and compassionate about the lives and futures of  women without children by chance or by choice and offers workshops, retreats, talks, blogs, and activities in UK and USA. Jody's latest book, Living the Life Unexpected, 12 Weeks to your Plan B for a Meaningful and Fulfilling Life without Children serves as the basis for a new online course.

Life Without Baby

This online community, created by Lisa Manterfield, gives a voice to women without children. Her latest book, “Life Without Baby: Surviving and Thriving When Motherhood Doesn't Happen” along with 3 workbooks followed her best-selling memoir “I’m Taking My Eggs and Going Home: How One Woman Dared to Say No to Motherhood.”


Silent Sorority

Pamela Tsigdinos discusses the personal, social and emotional impact of infertility in interviews, podcasts, essays, research initiatives, blogs and TweetChats as well as at events including forums and conferences. Her book, Silent Sorority, offers an insightful look at coming to terms with a life unexpected, and led to her next book, Finally Heard: A Silent Sorority Finds Its Voice, released May 2015.

The Abortion Diary Podcast

About 42 million women worldwide have an abortion each year and most will never talk about it.  The Abortion Diary is an innovative response to a deep craving and need for connection and community building, creating a space to share personal abortion stories and listen to recorded stories usually never heard.


Our Spirit Babies

Provides community gatherings for people who have lost a child through abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth. The interfaith events are for people to come together in sacred space to honor themselves, spirit babies, and one another.


Saying Goodbye (UK)

Offers services in the UK and other countries for people who have lost a child during pregnancy or infancy.

Aging Without Children (UK)

Provides programs and information to promote a positive later life for both women and men without


Through programs helps children, teens and adults, who are experiencing the pain of loss, to embrace life again.


The Hoffman Process

 A 7-day residential personal growth program that provides a safe place to resolve unexpressed grief and loss of all kinds and  find new meaning and purpose in your life.

Hoffman Institute Foundation (501C3)   800/506-525  












Hoffman Institute International

Information on the Hoffman Process and the 14 countries in which it is presented: Argentina, Australia, Brasil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA.

Dr. Joan Borysenko speaks about the lasting positive effects of the

Hoffman Process.

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