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Emotional Impact of Missed Motherhood

Kani Comstock talks with Susanne Severeid  and Julie Lockhart on Courageous Grief Talk Radio about the emotional impact of missed motherhood, sharing experiences in each of their lives, and focusing on how to heal the losses and move into wholeness. 

Finding Self Love and Wholeness

Kani Comstock on Talk Radio discussing how we can discover the source of love within ourselves and live from our wholeness and authentic power, based on her book Journey into Love, Ten Steps to Wholeness and her experience teaching the Hoffman Process.

What not to say to women without children!

Although we live in a culture that assumes, women will have children, that is not always the case. Since the percentage of women who do not have children by choice or by chance has grown to 20%, so if we want to be supportive, it is important to know what not to say to them.

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Experiencing life Outside the Norm

Kani Comstock discusses the prevalence and impact of missed motherhood in our culture and in a woman's life, whether or not she ever has a child. Her focus is on healing the pain and she shares a ritual that can be done to honor the losses and offers actions organizations and communities can take to recognize and honor missed motherhood. 

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