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The Authors of Honoring Missed Motherhood

Kani Comstock

Kani Comstock was training as a research scientist in her twenties when she first experienced missed motherhood. Her life then took a different course. She has lived and worked in Japan, traveled widely especially in the Pacific region, designed cultural and educational exchange programs, developed and directed four organizations including the Hoffman Institute, and wrote a prior book, Journey into Love, Ten Steps to Wholeness. For the last few decades, Kani has been a Hoffman Process Teacher and Coach. Throughout life, she has been fascinated with exploring the unknown, striving to understand why we do what we do, and creating programs that enable us to grow into wholeness. She lives in Ashland, Oregon and offers Claiming Wholeness Coaching by telephone or Skype.

Barbara Comstock

Barbara Comstock studied East Asian cultures, then earned an MS and an MFA in textile art and sculpture. Making art in Nepal, she also assisted on a feature-length documentary filmed at a Buddhist monastery. After years of designing and producing custom-clothing and making and showing her art, she had a life-changing experience and joined the Hoffman Institute. Barbara has delighted in designing and directing programs, teaching in, training teachers for and coaching graduates of the Hoffman Process. It has never been her priority to have children. She lives with her husband, who has been her partner for 25 years, in Ashland, Oregon, and offers Claiming Wholeness Coaching by telephone or Skype.

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