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Honoring Missed Motherhood, 
Loss, Choice & Creativity

Kani Comstock in collaboration with Barbara Comstock


This book has not only named this crucial experience, but done so with wisdom, compassion and a gift of rare insight. With a voice as clear as water, that simplifies what could be complicated, the authors lead us through their own stories and those of others, and we the reader are edified and graced by what are ultimately empowering choices of these women to make sense of their lives and embrace their paths.    ​                                 ~ Hilary Illick, co-author of the play EVE-OLUTION

This is a long overdue and deeply compassionate book that gives voice to women who may be suffering in silence. Though touching and inspiring stories, the authors honor the loss these women have suffered and create a new vision—a world in which the vast number of women who miss motherhood can openly recognize and express their loss and be validated as belonging and whole. Their journeys illustrate the cultural shift needed to move the healing out of the closet and into shared awareness.                                    ~  Liza Ingrasci, CEO/President, Hoffman Institute Foundation



Journey Into Love,
Ten Steps to Wholeness

Kani Comstock and Marisa Thame​


A practical guide to the steps we each need to take in order to heal and blossom into our own true nature as compassionate, spiritual human beings. My life has been enhanced by taking this journey. It is with profound gratitude and delight that I recommend this shining jewel of a book.

                                         ~ Joan Borysenko, PhD, best selling author of Minding the                                                                         Body,  Mending the Mind  and A Woman's Journey to God

Having been personally transformed by this profoundly healing journey, I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn how to release from the past and reclaim their right to joy and inner peace.                    

                                          ~ Sonia Choquette, author of  Your Heart's Desire 
                                              and The Wise Child





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