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Kani Comstock

For decades Kani Comstock, who is herself a woman without children, has worked individually with other women like herself, to support and empower them in their healing  and creation of a full and satisfying life.  in the last years she has facilitated various sharing groups and courses specifically designed for women without children, whether single or in relationship, as they move forward in life and deal with the challenges and changes they face.


For more than 40 years Kani Comstock has been coaching individuals and couples, creating and leading workshops, designing programs and directing companies that encourage individual creativity, personal power and authenticity, and lead to excellence. As Director of Coaching Programs for the Hoffman Institute Foundation she designed and implemented coaching programs, trained coaches, and coached individuals, business leaders and couples.

Kani demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the interaction between mind, body and spirit in living and accomplishing goals.  She was a senior presenter and facilitator of the Hoffman Process, a 7-day intensive personal growth program, and director of the Hoffman Institute worldwide.

Her first book, Journey Into Love: Ten Steps to Wholeness, co-authored with Marisa Thame, delineates and describes ten progressive challenges that result in claiming personal authenticity and inner wisdom; integrating spirit, intellect, emotions and body; and experiencing love for self and others.

As the head of companies and divisions in the USA and Japan, Kani encouraged collaboration and innovation to create success as a team effort. She continues to explore new professional territory that ignites her passion for learning and growth, stimulates creativity, and is led by spirit. She is a charismatic speaker who is attuned to group energy and how to shift it.

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