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Barbara Comstock

Barbara Comstock, MS, MFA, is a certified NLP Coach and has been coaching individuals, business leaders and couples, for more than 30 years. Her extensive experience facilitating inner growth and transformation with thousands of individuals from many different cultures informs her understanding and ability to identify the sources of falsely held limitations and destructive drives and her knowledge of how to eliminate them.

In addition to coaching, Barbara is faculty director and senior facilitator of the Hoffman Process, a 7-day intensive personal development program. Over the decades she was co-director of the Hoffman Institute, created various graduate programs and directed the teacher-training program. Barbara has designed and led experiential workshops (3 hours to 5 days in length) for groups of 20-50 students on community development, leadership, personal power, relationship and intimacy, coaching, visioning, spirituality, healing and personal growth.

Barbara demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the interaction between mind, body and spirit in living and accomplishing goals. As she says, “I find it deeply rewarding to be fully present to another person and to help them learn to accept and love all parts of themselves.” She is a talented presenter who is skilled in opening minds to new understanding of themselves and others.

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